The Story of Bruce

Monday, April 25, 2011

As told by my husband to our three-year old daughter:

Each year, the Easter Bunny puts a litter of baby puppies into a large Easter basket with a soft blanket.  The puppies go with him on his Easter deliveries.  As the Easter Bunny makes his stops at all of the little girls and boys houses, he lets the puppies choose a home they would like to stay at.  This year, a cute little Yorkie puppie sniffed around while they were stopped at our house and he nudged the Easter Bunny with his little nose, telling him that he wanted to stay.  The Easter Bunny had to wake up Mommy and Daddy to see if it was okay and if we could take good care of him.  So we told the Easter Bunny that, yes, we think Kaiya & Carson would really love a puppy and we will take good care of him.  So, after we thanked the Easter Bunny, we put the puppy in small carrier that the Easter Bunny left with us, gave him a little blanket and said goodnight.

The puppy was a little timid with my husband and I at first.  He was nervous and a little jumpy.  We did get up with him twice in the night to go outside, and he whined a bit between outings.  We were a little worried about how he would handle meeting the kids. 

Kaiya woke up early and came trotting into our bedroom and climbed up in the bed with us.  We had a little snuggle time while Daddy went to "start his coffee".  He went to let the puppy out and clean up a little mess.  About the time she and I came out and headed down the hallway toward the kitchen, the puppy had gotten loose from Bobby and scurried out from mudroom, into the kitchen and into our sights.  (So much for our plan of brining him out in an Easter basket and getting a picture of her reaction!)  She immediately stopped, threw her hands up, and said in the cutest little emotional voice, "A puppy!"  I'm a bit of a sap, so I did get a bit teary eyed, only for a moment.  She was so excited! 

To our very pleasant surprise, the puppy toddled right up to Kaiya and I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight for them both!  She was so very gentle and soft spoken as she scooped him right up into her arms.  Bobby and I couldn't believe how calm he was!  So they played for a bit and she toted him in her arms in between finding eggs and sneaking bites of candy from her basket.  We asked her what she wanted to name him.  Without averting her eyes from the puppy, she said, "You name him."  This pleased my husband, the comic buff, who already had a name in mind.  Bruce Banner.  Also know as The Hulk.  Oh, the irony.

Carson was still asleep during the excitement.  He is only one-year old, so we thought it was probably best that they were introduced one at a time.  A short time later, Carson beckoned from his crib.  He wasn't really sure what to think.   He was very curious and seemed to like him from a safe distance.  The puppy was interested, and again, to my surprise, went right up to check him out.  Bobby put his hand over Carson's and helped him pet the puppy.  When he stopped, Carson mimicked this action, putting his hand over Daddy's.  Too cute.

So we had a wonderful day enjoying our newest family member, but had to wind it down and get ready to head to Grandma & Grandpa's house for dinner.  Bruce cried a bit when we put him in his pen and Kaiya immediately grabbed a book off the toy shelf, sat down next to his pen and read him a story.  He went to sleep!  (She continutes to read to him whenever she thinks he's sleepy.)  Kaiya asked us if Bruce would be here when we go home.  We explained (again) that, yes, he is our puppy and he will be with us for a long time.  "Mommy, I love bruce."  Bruce loves you, too!


HeatherB said...

What a great Easter story! Such a cute puppy!

life...just saying said...

Following from Mom hop. I'm not a pet person but if I was...totally a Yorkie. Too cute!

Jenny at dapperhouse said...

Oh my Heavens!!! I wish the Eater Bunny brought ME that adorable tiny puppy! Heartwarming story...good luck with your new boy Bruce!

Chauny said...

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Misadventures in Motherhood said...

Awww.... so sweet! As a kid I always asked Santa to bring me a kitten for Christmas... it never happened though! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I will be following you too! Oh, and I saw that you recently redesigned -- LOVE the layout!
Smiles, Jenn

17sirens said...

Awwwhh! Haha, this is the cutest story ever! haha, I bet your children were really excited! :D

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