CVS - $9.88 for all of this!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I mentioned earlier in the week on facebook that I had a great purchase at CVS this past Sunday.  As a fairly new blogger and couponer, I wanted to share this just to show you that you don't need "mad skills" to get great deals.  It just takes a little planning.  Read my first posting about CVS if you are not familiar with their Extra Care Bucks program and read my Couponing Basics post if you are totally new to couponing.  Reading these will help you to better understand how you, too, can easily achieve deals like this.  Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner, but the current sale is still good through tomorrow!

Here is how I paid just $9.88 for 6 boxes of Puffs Plus, 12 Double rolls of Charmin, 1 Complete Contact Solution, 2 packages of G.U.M Flossers, 2 Oral B toothbrushes, 40 Duracell batteries, 2 Crest mouth rinses, 1 Right Guard Men's body wash, 2 Herbal Essences styling products and 3 bottles of Dawn dish washing liquid. Subtotal before coupons and Extra Bucks $68.98.  This was the subtotal on sale!

As a member of CVS's Extra Care rewards program, I have an Extra Care Card.  I started with $5 extra bucks that they emailed me for the month that I had earned from purchases, $5 coupon that they emailed to me as a member, and $6 in Extra Bucks from my prior week purchase.  So I walked into the store with $16 in CVS coupons and a handful of manufacturer's coupons, as well as my planned out list.

1st transaction:
  • Charmin with .25 off coupon
  • 2 20-packs of Duracel batteries with 2x $1.50 off coupons
  • 3 Dawn dish washing liquid with 3x .25 off coupon
  • 2 Herbal Essence styling products with BOGO coupon

Using all of Extra Bucks and my coupons, this transaction cost me $12.50 plus I got an additional $10 EB from this purchase.  (Deal was to buy any of the above sale items totaling $30 (subtotal) and get $10 EB.)

2nd transaction:
  • 6 boxes of Puffs plus with 2x $.25 off 3 coupons (on sale for .87 minus .25 on 3 = 0.79 each)
  • 2 Oral B toothbrushes with 2x $2 off coupons (on sale for $2.99 minus $2 coupon minus .99 EB = Free!)
  • 2 Crest Rinse with 2x $1 off coupons (on sale for $3.49 minus $1 coupon minus $2.50 EB = -0.01 money maker!)
  • 1 Complete Contact Solution with $1 off coupon (on sale for $8.99 minus $1 coupon minus $8.99 EB = $1 money maker!)
  • 1 Right Guard Body Wash (on sale for $3.88 minus $3 EB = 0.88)
  • 2 G.U.M. Flossers (on sale for $2 minus $2 EB = Free!)
This transaction, after coupons and EB from first transaction cost me $20.35 and I got $22.97 in EB!!

So....I spent a total of $32.85 in cash from my wallet, but left the store with $22.97 in EB = $9.88 spent on entire purchase!  I left the store quite satisfied!  Most of my manufacturer's coupons came from that day's Sunday paper coupon inserts - mostly P&G.  I also had a few in my stash from prior inserts. 

Tell me about your best deal!


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