Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

Monday, February 20, 2012

This morning we made some delicious, yet so easy donut holes as an addition to our otherwise healthy breakfast.  They were so simple and tasty, I had to share.

1 can of refrigerated biscuits
1/2 cup sugar
vegetable oil

Put sugar in a dish and add a few shakes of cinnamon until you reach desired ratio.  Pour oil into a medium saucepan, about 2 inches high.  Begin heating over medium heat.  Open biscuits and separate each into 4 pieces.  Roll into balls and roll into cinnamon sugar.  When oil is ready (a few drops of water should "dance" when sprinkled on top of oil, but should not "spit" too much; use caution to protect from burning yourself), use a tongs to drop balls into oil and cook just until golden brown.  Remove to paper towels to soak up excess oil and then immediately roll again in the cinnamon sugar.  Transfer to serving plate and enjoy!

Alive and Well

Monday, January 16, 2012

I realize that it has been some time since I've posted here on Jessica, The Mom.  Well, life happens!  Sometimes we are just swept up in all that life throws at us that some things have to take the back burner for awhile!  The most exciting thing that has happened to me since my last post - I'm pregnant!  Yes, baby number three is scheduled to arrive sometime in June.  Unfortunately, morning sickness (all day sickness) was much worse and lasted a lot longer with this baby.  Doing anything productive was a major chore.  I finally started feeling better around Christmas time.  Now that the morning sickness has subsided, the headaches have rolled in.  Thank goodness for Tylenol! 

The rest of the family is doing good.  I'm still doing daycare in my home.  Still trying to coupon the best I can when I make the time to do it.  I had a few good hauls this past weekend.  I've been thinking about my blog and how badly it has been neglected over the past several months, and so I felt the need to drop a short note to let my interested readers know that I am still alive and well.  I would like to find some time to post more frequently, as I did in the past.  I still love to blog and am grateful to those that still visit.  If I haven't responded to a comment or inquiry from you, I apologize, as this is the first time I've logged on in quite some time.  Keep your comments and inquiries coming.  I do love to hear from you! 

I have a great post planned that I hope to get up soon.  Until then, make each day wonderful and live in the moment!  Take care!

Mom On Wheels

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, I was recently given the opportunity to test out some Heelys.  If you didn't know, Heelys are shoes with wheels.  When I decided to order the shoes I thought, I bet my three year-old would love these!  Contrary to my preliminary thoughts, I did not find Heelys in a toddler size.  Okay, so maybe three is a bit young to be coordinated enough for shoes with wheels.  Hmm.  I've already committed myself to testing some shoes, so...guess who's testing some shoes?  Yes.  Me.  Mom.  On wheels.  This could be interesting (and laughable).

Needless to say, I ordered the shoes in my own adult size.  I was surprised at the selection available.  There are colors and styles to fit about any personality.  And a nice thing about these shoes - they're versatile.  The wheel comes out and you can simply wear them as an everyday street shoe.  The wheels are very easy to install and remove.  So, I got my shoes, and they are pretty cute!  I do have a chubby foot, though and would prefer a wider width.  They also aren't very deep, meaning that I feel like my heel should go in farther.  But overall, they were pretty comfortable.  Let's wheel!

Okay, so that didn't last very long!  I have to admit, as an adult in my thirties, I just don't have the coordination that I used to!  I honestly couldn't do it.  Now, I will say that I didn't try overly hard because I recently found out that I'm pregnant with my third, I really didn't want to risk falling on my face!  Unfortunately, I will have to stick to using these as an everyday street shoe.  I think these are great for a kid, not so practical for your typical adult.  I should have gotten them for my 10 year old nephew.  He probably would have loved them!  If you want to try out some cool wheeled shoes, but fear that you lack the coordination, Heelys does offer a tutorial, Skate 101.  I will be enjoying my Heelys sans wheels!

Disclosure:  I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sweet Moments® - Review and Giveaway

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sometimes we all just need a moment, right?  A moment to sit back, relax and enjoy a little something that sweetens the day.  Hmmm...chocolaty sweetness.  I definitely have a sweet tooth, so I was more than content to pick up two free bags of Pillsbury® Sweet Moments® .  I was disappointed to find that they were sold out of most of the available flavors at the store where I did my shopping!  These sweet little pieces of brownie goodness must be good!  I ended up getting Cocoa Carmel Obsession (which I would have chosen anyway) and settled on Cocoa Fudge Chip for my second bag.  The other available varieties are Cocoa Fudge Escape, Sweet Moments® Caramel Cheesecake, and Sweet Moments® Raspberry Cheesecake.  I would love to try the Caramel Cheesecake ones next.  I'm a sucker for a chocolate and carmel combination!

Sweet Moments® are marketed as bite-sized brownies. I would describe them as a truffle, of sorts.  Call them what you will, but I call them delicious!  If you plan on sharing, you better get more than one bag!  The Cocoa Carmel Obsession were awesome.  Those were gone in two days.  The Cocoa Fudge Chip were just okay for me.  They seemed a bit more dry, whereas the caramel one was very moist.  I have to be honest, I probably won't buy these very often.  The only reason being that these are one of those treats that I would indulge in rather than "eat in moderation".  By indulge, I mean eat the whole bag and regret it in the morning! 

You can visit Pillsbury® Sweet Moments® for a sweet $1off coupon if you are ready to indulge!  Or, you can indulge for free by entering this giveaway!  Enter here for a chance to win your own Pillsbury® Sweet Moments® prize pack including:
  • 2 VIP coupons for the free purchase of any Pillsbury® Sweet Moments® variety
  • Leather journal
  • Fleece blanket
  • Coffee Mug

How To Enter:
  1. Mandatory - Follow Jessica, The Mom via GFC and comment on this post, and tell me what your everyday "sweet moment" is.  (One entry.)
Additional entries:
  1. "Like" Jessica, The Mom on Facebook.  Be sure to comment here with your facebook name for your entry to count. 
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  3. Tweet this post.  Be sure to comment here that you did for your entry to count. (Can be done once daily.) 
Good luck and have a SWEET day!

This giveaway is open to US Residents, aged 18 years and older. All entries must be submitted no later than August 30, 2011, 11:59 CST.  Winner will be chosen via True Number Generator at and notified via blog post and email.  Winner must respond to notice within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.  Jessica, The Mom is not responsible if your notice goes into your spam box. 

Disclosure:  Pillsbury® Sweet Moments® , information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

Great Deal on Propel Zero

Friday, July 22, 2011

Check out Menards through July 31st and score up to six 6-packs of Propel Zero for only $1.75 each!!  That is an awesome price at only 29 cents per bottle!  Price is after 75 cent mail-in rebate (limit 6) and rebate is in form of a merchandise credit check.  Even without the rebate, you're getting a great deal at $2.50 per 6-pack.  That is still only 42 cents per bottle.  I personally LOVE Grape Propel Zero and will be taking advantage of the great sale price at Menards! 

Visit Menards for complete details.