Maybe You Coupon, But Do You Groupon?

Monday, March 14, 2011

If you aren't an avid couponer, then maybe you've never heard of it.   If you never shop without at least one coupon on hand, then you probably have.  Groupon is just one more of many ways that you can save big money!  Simply put, Groupon posts a new deal each day (specific to major geographic areas) that would allow its purchaser to typically save 50-90% off the indicated product or service.
How it works:  Visit Groupon and pick your area.  You will see the daily deal for the area specified.  It might be, for example, Pay $10 for a $20 gift certificate to (name of a local restaruant here).  Or maybe it will be for a spa package - Pay $75 for two one-hour massages at (name of a local salon here) $150 value.   It might be for a hotel stay at a drastically reduced price.  These are just examples and you can view actual past deals at the Groupon website.  If you like the current deal, you can purchase it.  If not, try again tomorrow.  You can sign up for a daily email with the daily deal so you never miss a great opportunity.

Groupon is a great resource if you are planning an evening out, a weekend getaway, etc.  You can watch for deals in other areas if you have travel plans in your future.  Why not save some extra money on something that you might be doing anyway?  Give it a try.  Tell me about your great deal if you find one!


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