Fun Fuzzy Rings

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My husband and I went to a comic book convention in Chicago about 2 weeks ago and there was a little girl selling these cute little rings for $1.  I bought one for Kaiya, my almost 3 year old daughter.   I could tell they were super simple to make and so we decided to finally have a little craft time this morning.  All you need are some fuzzy sticks (aka: pipecleaners).  They don't need much explanation; the pictures pretty much tell all.

Roll the ends really snug for best results.

Here is where you just have to do a little twisting and turning of the 6 "stems" until you get the right look.  I started by wrapping the base around my finger. 

So cute and you could really get creative with colors and styles.  You could add more or less if you want a larger or smaller ring.  Too easy!!   You could also probably have your little one help to sell some for a little fundraiser at a garage sale, expo, or bake sale.  Afterall, purchasing one is how I got the idea to make our own.  Enjoy!


Patterson Family said...

I bet Kaiya loved those! Pretty cute and cheap!

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