Diapers Much?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

As a mom of two, with one still in diapers, I speak from experience.  Diapers are expensive!!  And all diapers are not created equal.  In my opinion, you do pay for what you get when it comes to diapering your child.  I tried several brands when my daughter was born and it definitely boiled down to Huggies for my family.  That being said, Huggies are expensive.  So are wipes, for that matter.  But most of us with small children can't live without them.
I've paid full price (with the occasional coupon) for Huggies, Pull-Ups, and Overnites since 2008, when my first child was born.  She's fully potty trained now, thank God.  But my 10 month old son is not, and so I really didn't get much of a break on the diaper buying.  A few months back, I was enlightened by a fellow Mom (this is you AP :)) about purchasing diapers on Amazon.  WOW.  What a huge savings!  Let me tell you why you should buy diapers from Amazon.com if you are currently using a popular brand diapering product.

I was buying a box of Huggies size 4, 108 count, for $25 at that super center we all shop at.  Then I signed up for Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save.  Now I get a box of 140 for $23.51!!  That includes free shipping.  You can save 15% just for being a member of Amazon Mom (free) and another 15% for enrolling in Subscribe and Save.  Plus free shipping!!  I also use these services for my wipes, my Overnites, and my Diaper Genie Refills.  Not only is the price great, but the convenience of having them delivered to your door right when you need them is priceless.

Bonus - use Amazon coupon codes, often found in magazines, to get additional savings.  I just got a $10 off code in my March issue of Parents magazine. How often are you gonna find a $10 coupon to use toward your diaper purchase at Wal Mart?  Bonus 2 - Earn Swagbucks and earn $5 Amazon gift cards (only took me 5 weeks to earn 2!!).  [Check out the Swagbucks link on my page, in the right-hand column.]

Okay, now I'll get off my diaper soap box and let you hurry off to Amazon.com and start your diaper savings right away!


Patterson Family said...

I just told another person about this today! LOVE Amazon!! And, Jessica, not sure if you know. You can use a 20% and a $10 on the same order. AND, if you have two 20% coupons where the first two letters on the codes are different you can use them together, too. So, you could end up using multiple 20% codes and a $10 code for an even better deal! :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks, Amber! I just updated my subscribe and save this morning for my shipment of Diaper Genie Refills and added a $5 gift card I earned from Swagbucks, and my $10 off code from Parents magazine and got the 3 pack of refills for $1.57!

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