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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We had a great three-day weekend at our house, but the weather was a little grim on Saturday and Sunday.  Bored children (and adults).  We made the best of it by having some good, old-fashioned fun!  We built forts and played hide-and-seek!  What kinds of things do you do with your kids to keep the family entertained?  Here are some ideas that came from my childhood.  Classic, fun, and mostly free!
  • Build a fort.  Drape blankets or sheets over chairs and couches to make a fun hideout for the kids.  We have a couch on each of two opposite walls.  We also have a large chair and ottoman.  We stick the ottoman in the center of the couches and drape blankets across, tucking them into the cushions and creating a tunnel on each side of the ottoman.  For an easy fort, throw a huge blanket or sheet over your cleared dining table, setting something sturdy on top to hold in place.
  • Play hide-and-seek!  A no brainer, this classic is always fun for all ages.  My husband and I take turns with our three-year old daughter.  First, one of us helps her hide and the other finds her (little brother helps in the seek.)  Then one of us hides and the other helps her find us.  You can find lots of great places to hide a little kid!
  • Create a club house.  Do you have a large box from a recent appliance purchase or other box large enough to fit a kid?  Turn it into a club house!  Use a razor to cut doors and windows.  Decorate it with curtains, markers, stickers, etc. 
  • Make friendship bracelets.  This is great for kids that are a little older.  I loved making these when I was a kid.  You can find instructions on the web for some basic knot bracelets.  Embroidery thread can be found at most craft stores.  We used to make them and trade them.  Do a mom and daughter bracelet!  These can be for boys, too.  Just use boy colors and call them wristbands!
  • Play store.  Get out some canned and boxed goods.  Put them out on a table, or shelf, within your little one's reach.  Grab the toy shopping cart and go shopping!  My daughter likes to use my expired coupons and we use her child's laptop as a cash register.  The mouse is the scan gun.  Take turns shopping and checking out.
  • Play restaurant.  Let your little one seat you and take your order.  Then they can use play-dough to create you a culinary masterpiece!
There are lots of things you can do with your little ones.  The most fun are usually the things you can remember from your childhood.  Small children love to do just about anything a grown-up does.  So, think about the normal activities you do as a grown-up and turn them into a game with your kids!  Get creative and have fun!


Charlene said...

These are great ideas! My kids are especially fond of fort building - no matter how old they get! (Even I still kinda enjoy it!)

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